Funny and Entertaining Tales from the Comics About Gambling

Posted on May 2, 2022 in Gambling Artworks & Comics

Funny and Entertaining Tales from the Comics About Gambling

Comic books are funny and exciting with memorable characters, storylines, and plots. It is always referred to as superheroes, villains, and powers. You might be surprised to hear that there are comics that became very popular based on gambling and casinos. Gambling has been portrayed as a bad thing in movies and even as a crime. But comics did justice with their interesting storylines, plots, and characters. There are iconic and popular characters in comics with a plot revolving around gambling. Let us throw light on funny and entertaining tales from comics for gambling fans.

Funny and entertaining tales

  • Kaiji

The plot of Kaiji revolves around his debt and the way he chooses to repay it. In this comic, kaiji has a history of playing cards since 1996. Kaiji is a well-seasoned gambler with all the tricks in his hand. He falls short of repaying the loan, for which he is sent to a yakuza labor camp. The tricks and smartness he uses to survive in this camp are iconic and quite funny. There are unlucky moments that come out to be funny in Kaiji comics.

  • Kakegurui

The plot of this comic is very fun where in order to pass and graduate, students wager their fortunes. If one wins, he gets to pass and move to the next class. If one fails, it means becoming a slave to other students. Yumeko, the lead character, is a smart and skilled player with all the skills under her sleeves. The way she uses these skills and translates to graduation by defeating players is very funny. This makes the plot of kakegurui one funny story which would leave you in tears of laughter.

comics and gambling

  • Gambit

Gambit is one popular character in the Marvel superhero movie X-Men and the comics. The tale of Gambit revolves around his power of kinetic energy which is used to charge cards. There are some of the most hilarious tales where the Gambit uses his Kinetic charging superpower to turn tables. Gambit tales are very interesting and funny with memorable dialogues.

These are some of the population and well-known tales from popular comics. A long association between comics and gambling is still not known to many. These comics remove the distinction between two different things, i.e., comics and gambling. Looking ahead, more comics about casinos and gambling might become popular soon.