Types of Online Slots: Exploring the Many Choices Available

Posted on Dec 12, 2021 in Online Slots

Types of Online Slots: Exploring the Many Choices Available

While playing online slots, you must know what suits you well. This is because there are various slots which makes it difficult to choose. Maybe you get attracted to various kinds of online slot games, big bonuses, and huge rewards. To avoid all these mistakes, you must know about the types of online slots offered by casinos online. Options make it easy for players to choose as, based on the bankrolls, choices, and interest, the right slot can be chosen.

In this guide, you can learn about the different variations of slot machines by exploring the choices available.

Five reel shot

There are chances that you might start playing a five-reel shot slot on your first day. This is because a five reel shot is the most commonly available slot in the online casino. There is no need for a mechanical reel as this slot is completely digital. The only thing a player has to do is press a button that will start the slot with attractive graphics. It does not have a mechanical reel but a video reel, which is known as a video slot. It has better pay-lines than other online slots, which makes it a better option. On a five reel shot, you can get free spins which is its popular feature.

progressive slot

Progressive slot

Another name for a progressive slot is the progressive jackpot. Here, if a player makes a payment, part of the wager goes for the jackpot. The logic is simple, where each contribution from the player’s wager is summed up for a jackpot. The total progressive jackpot amount accumulated is visible on the progressive slot screen. This jackpot accumulated can go up to millions depending on the number of players playing at a single time. One drawback is that players have to come up with the needed wager, which is usually high. If you do not have that kind of wager, then a classic slot would be the one for you.

classic slots

Classic slots

This is the simplest online slot that is commonly available in every online casino. A classic slot is also known as a one-armed bandit. The rise of a classic slot is continued by Las Vegas casinos which have become popular all over the world. The benefit of a classic slot is that it is very easy for players to learn, adapt and play. It provides a better payout for players who still prefer playing with a mechanical reel online slot.